3 Reasons Not to Miss ISA Sign Expo

Network, learn about new products and talk business at this year’s ISA Sign Expo!

If you have plans to attend ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas, you’ll want to stop by the Daktronics booth each year.

“If you belong to a trade, you need to support the trade organizations,” says Al Kurtenbach, Daktronics co-founder. “We need to help improve what the organization stands for.”

Wondering if it’s worth your time and money? Before you make up your mind, take a look at what you could miss.

  1. Networking. Our sign code expert thinks networking is the most important reason to attend. “For me, the expo is a wonderful chance to meet people face to face and exchange ideas about the coming year,” says Roger Brown, Daktronics Signage Legislation. Roger credits his ongoing involvement with ISA subcommittees and the overall membership base for advancing sign code legislation. “I work with ISA staff on a regular basis,” Roger says. “Their assistance with materials and presentations has been instrumental in improving the regulatory environment.”
  1. View new products. Daktronics plans to showcase the new GT6 10 mm, an offering in the Galaxy® product family. Our standard 10 mm SMD LED product features superior image quality for close viewing distances. Plug-&-Play connections, as well as front ventilation, ensure easy installation and service. Looking for ways to expedite your installation process? Talk to one of our representatives for a demo about shortening installation time by using our Daktronics-Verizon Lifetime Data cellular connection.
  1. It’s good for business. One of our region managers encourages sign companies to attend the Sign Expo because it’s so good for their business. “This is a great time to see new products and services and hear what industry leaders expect in the future. Also, get ideas about growing your business from sign companies across North America,” says Mark Meyer, Daktronics region manager. We look forward to seeing you in April. It’s a great opportunity to support our industry, meet people and exchange ideas!

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