Increase Sales in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

Quick Serve Restaurant digital displays benefit customers and restaurants alike. You may be surprised what percentage of drive-thru sales they bring in. Read on to learn more.

The Quick Service Restaurant industry is a profitable industry for more than just the restaurants themselves. Did you know the global QSR market was worth $539 billion in 2016, and according to a Zion Market Research report, is projected to be valued at $691 billion by 2022?

As the QSR industry grows and becomes even more competitive for businesses, restaurant chains are continuously looking for ways to market their business and its products. That’s where you step in.

You recognize the importance of staying connected to customers through digital platforms. Using a digital sign can benefit QSRs in three main ways:

  1. Draw in new customers: The QSR industry is highly competitive, so give restaurants an edge over their competitors with a dynamic sign to bring customers in.
  2. Increase sales: Impulse buying accounts for 30-50 percent of all sales. Audiences can see an advertisement for a product while driving past the restaurant and realize they are craving that product.
  3. Create loyal customers: Audiences will love seeing fresh content on the display as they go by. Specialized messaging will make the customer keep coming back for more.

Digital signage comes in a variety of options to give QSRs an advantage in all aspects of the business. Onsite LED signs can bring the customers into the QSR, while interior and exterior digital menu boards can enable for bigger sales once the customer is at the register.

Exterior digital menu boards are perfect for drive-thru windows. Most major QSRs credit their drive-thru windows for about 70 percent of their sales, according to QSR Magazine. Designing comprehensive content for interior and exterior signs can help the customer recognize the brand and build familiarity. Digital signage enables QSRs to sell bundles and combos.

Grab Them with Graphics

Adding a graphic to an advertisement makes mouth-watering menu items even more desirable. Our Galaxy LED displays are perfect for showing off text, graphics and eye-catching transitions. Daktronics offers free graphics packages to get users started.

Using our cloud-based Venus Control Suite software lets the QSR management control the content anywhere, any time, from any device.

Make It Simple

Our ECCB LED message displays make transitioning from manual changeable copyboards easy. These dynamic signs let users add text and change it from a Wi-Fi-connected device to keep up with current offers, events or weather.

These opportunities, plus many more, await you when you join the QSR sign market. Learn more about QSR signs at Read more in our new brochure.

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