Daktronics Street Furniture: Designed to Be Beautiful and Engineered Tough

What happens when someone pounds on a Daktronics Street Furniture display with a four-by-four? Take a look at our video.

We’re excited to offer our digital Street Furniture to the market.

This product’s brightest imagery and richest colors available make advertisers look their best. Whether installed in a walk-up, public space, metropolitan center or semi-outdoor, we designed our Street Furniture for outstanding close viewing.

Let’s just focus on one feature—strength.

And not the strength that withstands full-sun exposure and still looks great, but the strength that holds up to active vandalism.

See what happened when one of our employees had a bad day and took it out on a Street Furniture display. Warning: this video contains graphic violence that may upset some viewers.

Also, be sure to get your copy of the interactive “Digital Street Furniture Brochure.”

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