Using LinkedIn to Reach Your Customers

Daktronics marketing strategist shares 3 practical ways to attract new customers using LinkedIn.



Jess Bern, Daktronics Marketing Strategist

Most businesses know that in today’s world, a successful marketing strategy requires a significant outreach on all the popular social media channels. That is true for local, small business owners, as well as national and global corporations.

But one channel often neglected is LinkedIn. The platform has made significant changes in recent years, transforming itself from primarily a job-seeker site to an effective lead generation tool. Here’s how to get started finding new customers on LinkedIn.

  • Conduct targeted searches. You can do this with a free account, but a Premium account will provide better results. Using the “advanced search” feature allows you to find potential leads by choosing the industry vertical, location, job titles at the company and more.
  • Send connection requests. This is your chance to pitch your company and products to likely prospects. If you set aside a little time each day to send out 20 connection requests, you should be able to connect with up to 50 potential customers each week.
  • Form a LinkedIn group for connections. Having a targeted group of connections gives you a place where they can interact with you personally—ask questions or air concerns. It also gives you a method to distribute examples of your installations, blog posts and updates on promotions and new products.

LinkedIn is a low-cost communication tool that’s easy to learn and delivers outstanding results. No matter the size of your company, it should be a primary element of your social media marketing strategy.

Jess Bern is a marketing strategist who works closely with sign companies. Network with her on LinkedIn at

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