Great Lakes Loons Create a More Dynamic Show with Control Upgrade

The Great Lakes Loons looked to upgrade their new show with over a decade of user-driven improvements with a new Daktronics Control System.

The Great Lakes Loons had last updated their video display and control systems in 2007 when the stadium first opened. Though they were staying with Daktronics for the upgrade, a decade of new user-driven feature developments were included in the new solution they were considering. Specific challenges were going from SD to HD and updating their control solution from Venus 7000 to Show Control. Also, because they were fitting in their control upgrade between seasons, the production team had to be trained up and ready to go for opening day the following season.

The display system is powered by a Daktronics computer rack, which stores all the media players and clip players. The Loons’ production staff also added a Show Control touchscreen interface in the front of the room to trigger the rest of the equipment and send commands to the display. One of the big differences between the old system and the new system was display size increase from SD to HD. The larger display size provided more room to show stats, player information, and partners without having to compromise between amount of information and text legibility. During on-site training, our Daktronics Control System Specialists worked with Loons’ production staff to help implement new looks and train the staff on many new features, such as zone transitions and content layering. Zone transitions give the appearance of the L-bar layout sliding in and out when transitioning to and from full-screen video

Take a look at how the Loons use the updated features to create engaging content on their video displays:

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