Daktronics thanks Matt Warnke for 20 years of dedicated service

Matt Warnke has landmark anniversary with Daktronics.

Matt Warnke is a Daktronics sales expert. He has spent the past two decades in sales, beginning in the college/university market and moving on to the USA Market, which is now known as Live Events.

Matt represents Daktronics in the North Central region, covering South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

“I don’t really have a typical day, which is one of the fun things about Daktronics,” Matt commented. “No two days are the same. We are starting the installation of the new centerhung at Ralph Engelstad Area in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It will be the largest in collegiate hockey. I am looking forward to seeing it running.”

Matt discussed what he has learned about growth and change at Daktronics.

“One of the more important things I have learned is that the only thing that is constant is change,” Matt said. “Daktronics has seen tremendous growth and change during my twenty years and learning how to effectively manage that change has been important.”

Matt’s supervisor, Tony Mulder, described how Matt’s influence impacted the Daktronics sales team.

“Matt has been a tremendous asset to the company, having built deep relationships with many of his customers,” Tony said. “He has been instrumental in pushing new product lines with a non-traditional customer base. His depth of product knowledge is unmatched by other salesman and he is a terrific resource for many. He has mastered the art of listening to the customer and understanding their actual needs. Matt is always willing to help.”

One of Matt’s most memorable moments with Daktronics came while he was working in South Dakota.

“I had the opportunity to meet Kevin Costner and spend about two hours meeting with him in his Deadwood, South Dakota, restaurant (The Midnight Star),” Matt described. “We were discussing a possible project and interest in an LED display.”

Matt and his wife Kellyna live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with their two children, Addison and Jackson. Matt enjoys spending time with his family and friends at the numerous sports activities his children are in.

ErinThis article is by Erin Smith
in Employee Communications.

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