Tips to Keep Your Display System in Top Shape

This new guide for product maintenance helps you get the most out of your video board equipment.

Daktronics Field Service Technicians providing display maintenance

Are you getting ready for the upcoming season? It’s time to check your video board and other equipment. Our engineers designed and built your Daktronics display to offer more than 100,000 hours of system drive time. To make sure to reach the 100,000-hour mark, it needs periodic inspections and routine care.

We’re excited about a helpful guide we just made available to help you: A Guide for Maintaining Your Daktronics Video Displays. Following its guidelines will help you to be better prepared and know where to get help if needed. The health of your equipment is critical!

You’ll find a wealth of information to help you prepare for the season, such as:

  • Care for your display system
  • How to contact us
  • Exchange program procedure
  • Computer, controller, and display pre-event checks
  • Control system start up and shut down steps

Use the guide to keep your display system in top shape, along with warning signs for individual components that may require service.

Download A Guide for Maintaining Your Daktronics Video Displays for free.

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