Park Outdoor Advertising Pays It Forward

Park Outdoor vice president talks about the benefits of affordable digital billboard space for the community and local businesses.

Daktronics sat down with Kerry Leipold, vice president of the Fingers Lake division of Park Outdoor Advertising, Ithaca, New York. Here are the insights he shared with us.

What do you offer your advertisers?

Park Outdoor Advertising offers nearly 1,500 billboard locations, with digital billboards in Auburn, Barton, Cortland, Seneca Falls, Utica, Syracuse and NOW Elmira!

Your latest digital billboards are installed in Elmira, New York, a small community. Why this location?

We have been doing business in the greater Elmira area for more than 50 years and are excited to introduce our digital network to Chemung County. The advertising spaces are reasonably priced and allow clients the opportunity to have their messages seen in various locations, every 8 seconds. This investment is consistent with our belief in our community. Elmira is working hard to get back to the top economically, and by offering advertisers the latest powerful advertising technology we can help drive that growth.

What will these digital displays bring to the community?

Advertising flexibility, real-time information and alerts. Getting the word out about community events, education, community members.

How will you give back to the community?

We support local community organizations, including local police and fire departments by offering available inventory to promote interests that are important to them. We also help our communities promote events that benefit non-profit organizations. Essentially, anything we can do to play it forward and help the community, we will try to do.

Who will be advertising on these displays?

Primarily local and regional advertisers.

What are the benefits for small business owners in Elmira to advertise on digital?

Digital billboard advertising has proven to be a cost-effective way for businesses to speak to their customer base. Using dynamic messaging and multiple designs, digital billboards offer enhanced marketing flexibility.

Anything you’d like to say about the being a partner with Daktronics?

Daktronics has been a great partner, and we are excited to grow this partnership. Their product is industry leading and their level of support outstanding.

What is your #1 suggestion for those creating content for digital advertising displays?

Have fun with it, use multiple designs, change messages every couple days, if not sooner.

Any advice you would offer to advertisers that are not currently using OOH to reach clients or grow their business?

They need to consider the expanded advertising opportunities with the new digital signs — you can’t turn us off, can’t change the station or channel, or flip the page.

Any emerging OOH advertising trends that stand out in your markets?

Flexibility. Our new digital signs are offering clients a level of advertising flexibility they haven’t had before.

What is exciting about the future of OOH?

All you need to do is look back at the past — posters nailed to fences, then glued and brushed, to painted signs, to vinyl, to tri-visions, and now to digital, OOH continues to re-invent itself . . .  and it’s been a fun ride that isn’t over yet.

What keeps you in the OOH industry?

What keeps me in the industry is simple — the people (clients) I have met over the past 38 years and the people that are at Park Outdoor, especially the owner, Roy Park. It is like one big family.

About Kerry:

Kerry lives in Horsehead, NY. He is married with three daughters, two son in-laws and two granddaughters. He started with Park Outdoor in 1981 as an account executive. Kerry is currently the vice president/general manager for the Finger Lakes division, which manages billboards in nine counties.

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