Are You Involved in the Billboard Industry?

Digital billboard technology today opens up to all-sized budgets and other trends.

We recently read an inspiring post about recent billboard industry trends. We’d like to share the highlights with you and hope you’ll read the entire piece: How Technology Is Propelling the Billboard Industry Forward published on Digital Signage Connection.

Approximately 14 years ago, the technology of digital billboards changed how content is run and bought. Technology will continue to affect the industry in the future.

An advertising platform available to all budgets
When digital billboards first appeared, only around 2% of advertisers could afford this exciting new medium. Today, any company can choose a location and times that fit their budget. Recent technological changes opened the door to a whole new segment of customers. “Now, all sized companies can afford to advertise on a billboard,” says author Brent Thompson.

Don’t forget about good design
Due to technology, marketers can access a variety of analytics to improve campaigns. But we need to remember the importance of the message. The design must be engaging, the message meaningful. “A good story and a design that stands out are at the core of developing brand awareness,” says Thompson.

Real world in real time
Because of today’s technology, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating real-time content. An example Thompson shares is the Kitchen Aid campaign that brought attention to their iconic kitchen mixer using real-time content. No text. The mixer simply changed colors when Toronto’s famous CN Tower did. Thompson says that we’ll be seeing more content that reacts to the actual physical world.

What’s ahead
“Billboards remain an incredibly effective way to build a brand, and new technology allows markets to have more choices and the analytics data they crave,” he says. But full impact must come from marketers committed to creative use of digital billboards.

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