Cutting Edge Technology Promotes a Timeless Message

Use cutting-edge technology to inspire and inform members and nonmembers alike.

Evangelist Daniel Rader started using the radio for his messages in the early 1900s; Christian programs on TV appeared around 20 years ago. Today, the technology of choice for houses of worship are the most efficient and effective way to reach their community—a digital display.

Many houses of worship know that digital displays are the best platform to help increase membership and to give back to their communities. Our customers tell us that digital displays help them reach front-door audiences faster and attract more visitors than they ever imagined.

“In the few weeks since erecting our sign, we’ve seen a 72% increase in first-time visitors that confirmed they chose fellowship with us because of seeing the sign,” says Joel Gunn, business manager, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Manchester, Missouri. 

 Because an LED sign is so easy to operate, it’s not a problem to promote many different events and to keep content fresh. Churches reach both first-time attendees and current congregation members with messages about service times, Trunk or Treat, concerts, pet blessings, special services and car washes.

Here are a few other ways to attract front-door audience attention:

  • Bible studies and classes
  • Encouraging verses
  • Upcoming messages and events
  • Services times
  • Public service announcements and alerts

Get noticed with effective, fresh messages. We can support you with content created by our professional digital artists at an affordable price. View the “Community Service Full-Color Package” on our online store.

Learn more about digital signs and houses of worship

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