Bright, High-Resolution Images or Long Display Lifetime?

Daktronics introduces the new Galaxy GT6x. Discover more about this ultimate advertising tool.

Daktronics recently launched the latest in the popular Galaxy® LED product line, the GT6x series. In the past, customers had to choose between either vibrant, high-resolution images or a long display lifetime. Now the GT6x offers both.

Meeting customer expectations

With this release, Daktronics is the only LED sign manufacturer to offer a product with outstanding graphics and a 10-year lifetime as well. GT6x’s Surface Mount Devices LEDs (SMD LEDs) generate bright, robust images. SMD LEDs also spread light evenly, providing a wider viewing area.

Customers demand LED signs with higher resolution and crisp images. SMD LEDs can deliver the high level of resolution expected of a powerful advertising tool. Signs with higher resolution get more attention from potential customers. We now offer a standard 8 mm option, as well as the 10 mm that has been available for several years.

When we combined these existing features with the new, brighter SMD LEDs, the result is a brighter standard product at a more competitive price. And the GT6x pairs with the cloud-based Venus® Control Suite software anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Evolution of a cutting-edge product

Businesses want to communicate with customers using LED signs that display text, graphics, animations and pictures. For more than 20 years, the Galaxy product line has provided industry-leading features for these customers.

Daktronics continues to invest in research and development to anticipate and meet market expectations. The engineering and product development team worked with vendors and in-house staff to develop and update the GT6x. It combines high-resolution surface mount technology for bright images with the reliability you expect from this product line.

The new Galaxy GT6x retains all these time-tested features:

  • Easy installation.
  • Quick connects.  
  • Reliable communication (lifetime cellular data).
  • Front ventilation.
  • Narrow depth (aesthetic design).

Ready to go

GT6x Outdoor SMD provides the best value in cost and brightness while maximizing Daktronics reliability. The new Galaxy GT6x 8 mm and 10 mm is available for quote and order now!

Discover more! View the Galaxy GS6/GT6x web page!

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