The Texas Rangers & Daktronics: Together Since 1994

With installation of the new video boards at new Globe Life Field complete, we look back at our history with the Texas Rangers.

Last summer the Texas Rangers bid farewell to Globe Life Park as they wrapped up the 2019 MLB season. Globe Life Park has been home to Rangers baseball since the ballpark opened in 1994. Daktronics history at the ballpark also dates back to 1994, and our presence continued on with products and services for the Rangers throughout the years.

Texas Rangers & Daktronics over the years at Globe Life Park


1994 – Message Display.  1999 – Pitch Clock.  *Image courtesy

Texas Rangers - ProStar Logo

2003 – Right-Center Field Video, Left-Center Field Video, Monochrome Scoring, Marquees

Texas Rangers_Fence_02

2009 – Fence Display, Ribbon Boards


2011 – Right Field Main Video, Center Field Video, IPTV System


2012 – Plaza Video


2016 – Left Field Video

The Rangers and Daktronics have enjoyed a great partnership that dates back to 1994. With its state-of-the-art technology, Daktronics has assisted us in providing the best possible ballpark entertainment for our fans for many years. The new home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field, will have the most comfortable seat in baseball, and with this new technology from Daktronics, that seat just got better.

– Chuck Morgan, Texas Rangers Executive Vice President, Ballpark Entertainment

Texas Rangers v1

As the Rangers get set to open Globe Life Field in 2020, our long-standing relationship with the team continues on into the new ballpark. Globe Life Field will showcase eight LED displays, including the 5th largest video board in MLB, a fully-integrated 1,450 LCD IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) system, and Daktronics Show Control System featuring Live Clips and Camino technology.

Daktronics Outfitting Globe Life Field With LED Video, IPTV and Control Systems

  • Right Field Display: 58’ x 150’
  • Left Field Display: 40’ x 111’
  • Center Field Display: 80’ x 20’
  • Main Ribbon Display: 2.5’ x 924’
  • Office Ribbon Display: 3.5’ x 211’
  • Texas Sky Porch Display: 11’ x 20’
  • Home Plate Display: 2.5’ x 117’
  • Press Backdrop Display: 6.5’ x 13’
  • 1,450 LCDs

5.3 Field suite viewsm

The largest display, right field video board, measures approximately 58 feet high by 150 feet wide, and the left field display measures 40 feet high by 111 feet wide. Spanning the length of the seating fascia from foul pole to foul pole, a ribbon display measures 2.5 feet high by 925 feet long. On the suite level fascia, another ribbon display measures 3.5 feet high by 211 feet long. All of these displays feature 15-millimeter line spacing and SMD technology.

The vertical center field board will come over from Globe Life Park, as it will be reconfigured from the previous left field video board. It features a 15HD pixel layout and measure 80 feet high by 20 feet wide.

A 6-millimeter display is installed on the field-level suite fascia behind home plate. The Texas Sky Porch features a 3.9-millimeter video wall display to connect with fans in the club area. The interview room features a 2.5-millimeter narrow pixel pitch display to highlight sponsors as a press conference backdrop.


That’s over 18,600 square feet of LED video displays and 8.8 million LEDs catering to your video and replay expectations. All but one display is HDR capable to bring better image quality to the content shown.

Similar to Globe Life Park, when fans are in attendance, they won’t just receive a better experience from the action in the main seating bowl. At Globe Life Field they will also be catered to in the concourses and suites by a IPTV system with 1,450 LCD screens throughout the stadium. These displays will bring branding, live video, data, statistics and more to people while they are away from their seats.

The project will also include Daktronics robust Show Control System featuring new Live Clips and Camino technology. With this easy-to-use, broadcast-ready control solution, the Rangers have all the capabilities at their fingertips to provide fans with an experience they crave, much like they see on their televisions at home.

The Daktronics Show Control System, coupled with Live Clips and Camino, gives the Texas Rangers a complete control system and powerful platforms to create a game presentation for Rangers fans that will be second to none in all of baseball. We are looking forward to bringing this game changer in the industry to our fans and enhancing their experience at Globe Life Field.

– Chuck Morgan, Rangers Executive Vice President, Ballpark Entertainment

We look forward to the new integrated system at Globe Life Field for years to come!

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