On Your Mark, Get Set….Start Track Season With a Bang!

You can make the experience fun and exciting for the athletes and their fans. All it takes is some preparation.

  • Consider what animations you’d like to include.
    Be creative and have some fun! This is a great place for you students to shine.
  • Decide which stats you want to show during the meet.
    You could show state record times, feature stats for standout athletes, and show places and times as races finish.
  • Be sure to consider your sound system, too.
    All the parents in the stands will appreciate hearing their kids’ names as they’re announced!

Be sure your equipment is ready, too

Even if your display is maintained annually with a Daktronics system check, you should take the time to complete a review of the equipment before the season starts.

Here are seven steps to take to make sure you’re ready to go.

  1. Review the Standard Video Maintenance Guide. You’ll find many tips and tricks to making sure your display is at its best.
  2. Clean up your display and do a visual inspection. Over time, particles can collect on the display face. Cleaning it ensures that image quality is at its best. As you go, visually inspect each system for signs of seasonal damage, loose wires or vandalism.
  3. Listen up. After your visual inspection, power on your audio system. Play test content and walk the stadium to listen for audio in all seating areas. Startup and shutdown procedures can be found in your manual on our website.
  4. Run a mock meet. Fire up your control system and stats system, and run a practice game in DakStats to make sure everything is ready to run.
  5. Check your antennae. If there is any damage, you can find a replacement at How do I order All Sport antennas online.
  6. Need help from the pros? Consider scheduling a maintenance check with the Daktronics service team. Just go to MySupport.
  7. Prepare your paperwork. Make sure you have all your manuals handy for every operator. Lost one? You can find it on the Daktronics Support page.

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