Bigger Displays = More Opportunities

We are introducing larger display sizes for the Galaxy GT6x product line to create a “wow” factor.

Bigger is better. A bigger cup of coffee. A bigger LED display. That’s why we are expanding our Galaxy GT6x product line to include larger sizes for the 8-millimeter and 10-millimeter line spacing displays. Bigger displays have more visual impact and stand out among typical displays, giving sign owners an edge over their competitors.

These larger displays will feature the same quality seen in our other products. Crisp colors, high contrast, and bright – yet energy-efficient – LEDs produce the highest-quality imaging in the industry. A larger display provides more ‘wow’ factor by catching more eyes than ever before and boosting sales.

The standard sizes for the GT6x are expanded to now range from approximately 3′ – 20′ high and 4′ – 38′ wide for both the 8-millimeter and the 10-millimeter.

These new products are now available for quoting, so add our bigger displays to your offerings and give your customers the best possible products to choose from.

Find more info about our Galaxy GT6x product line on our website or view the spec sheets (8mm) (10mm).

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