Collison to Retire After Nearly 15 Years of Service

Daktronics congratulates Dave Collison on his retirement and thanks him for nearly 15 years of service.

Daktronics congratulates Dave Collison on his retirement and thanks him for nearly 15 years of service.

Dave has been a teacher, an athletic director, and a coach. These experiences contributed to his success in his work in HSPR Sales.

In his 27 years of teaching and coaching, Dave had multiple milestone achievements. He was part of four different school systems and appeared in multiple state tournaments in basketball, baseball, cross country, and even as an umpire. Dave earned three state championship titles in his time coaching—two in basketball and one in baseball at Iowa Falls High School, in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Before his time working at Daktronics Dave had some experience working with the company already. “I had already been selling Daktronics products for two years as a reseller, so I had pretty good product knowledge, at least about the basics, which helped,” he said.

Dave has worked part time in HSPR Sales for nearly 15 years. His daily routine begins with computer work followed by quotes and paperwork. “Before COVID-19 I usually traveled two days per week,” he said.

Since Dave has always worked from home, he enjoyed seeing people at summer seminars and regional meetings.

Dave’s time at Daktronics has allowed him to learn about all the products we have to offer which has grown his ability to sell them. “I have also learned a lot about technology and how smart and talented all of the people at Daktronics are,” he said.

Dave has been impacted by several people throughout his Daktronics journey and he wanted to thank his supervisor, Darrell Thiner. “I would like to thank Darrell for bringing me on to Daktronics and for providing so much help along the way,” he said. ​​​​​​​

Dave has lived in Ankeny, Iowa, for 11 years with his wife of 44 years, Judy. They have three children—Katie (42), Nick (39), and Michael (29)—and five grandchildren—Emma (14), Sam (13), Sophia (11), Stella (9), and Mia (1).

In his free time Dave enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and watching ballgames. His post-retirement plans include traveling more, enjoying time with his friends and family, and finishing projects around the house.

Dave, thank you for all your contributions during your time at Daktronics. We appreciate your commitment to excellence and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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