A Unique Hobby: Minnesotan Shares His Scoreboard Collection

A next-level hobby includes Daktronics scoreboards and display systems in Minnesota.

On the East side of St. Paul, Minnesota, a man named Rob Hathaway has been keeping score of sporting events from his home in a very unique way. You see, he’s a techy guy who likes to tinker with electronics, I’d say more than most people.

Rob’s collected a few different Daktronics scoreboards over the years and has made them functional as part of his unique hobby. It started way back in high school when he built his own baseball field, Hathaway Field, in his back yard. Now, on game day or race day, he puts his collection to use.

Hathaway Field

Hathaway Field – Rob’s backyard baseball field in high school

“In my free time at home, I enjoy working on scoreboards and watching games/races while posting the scoring and timing information onto my Daktronics displays,” said Rob, who works in the office of the Minnesota Wild where he focuses on game operations and the team’s mascot program. “It’s a unique hobby I’ve had since my youth and it’s been a ton of fun!”

This is a next-level hobby! Many will remember (and maybe still partake in) keeping book while watching baseball or softball games. But this is more than marking down hits, outs and runs with a pencil and paper. Rob bought scoreboards and displays, worked on them and made them functional, then uses a controller to put the information on the displays just like he’s at the venue!

To show how serious this hobby is, Rob is always looking to upgrade and improve his experience. Whether that’s adding a scoreboard to his collection or upgrading software to allow for real-time data feeds, he’s looking to be on the cutting edge and have all the capabilities of displays that are used to communicate with thousands of people. He’s really redefining the “home entertainment system” when it comes to watching sports from your couch or lounge chair.

I know my home entertainment system doesn’t compare to Rob’s. But it sure does look like it’d be fun to join him for a game sometime!

To hear more from Rob, listen to this episode of The Daktronics Experience podcast where he joins Matt and I to share his story.

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