3 Effective Ways to Deliver Your Message to Your Community

Tailoring your content to your community is a great way to show how effectively advertising displays can spread a message.

Digital billboards are effective communications methods, which benefits both OOH companies and communities. By dedicating some of your ad space to advertising city events and messages or Public Service Announcements, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic, you show the community that you care while promoting your own services. It’s a win-win!

1. Drawing Attention to Your Sign

Displaying an array of content, especially messages pertaining to your city or current issues, draws attention to your billboard. Show the dates, times, and locations of county fairs, high school sporting or theater events, religious services, or any other nearby event to get people used to looking at your billboard as they drive by. These types of messages show how a billboard can effectively reach members of the community, which may influence a business to secure your ad space.

Including miscellaneous information like regular weather updates, news, and friendly reminders gives your billboard a friendly presence in your community. Showing the versatility of your billboard also invites all kinds of organizations to work with you.

2. Keeping Everyone Safe

Digital billboards not only keep everyone in the know, but they can also make your community feel safe. In unforeseen circumstances, such as a missing person, extreme weather, fugitives on the loose, pandemic situations, or any other emergency, a digital billboard can help maintain order and peace in your community by keeping people informed.

Daktronics Venus Control Suite features the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to keep your sign up to date with any emergencies happening in your jurisdiction. This keeps all community members aware of inclement weather, possible evacuations, Amber and Silver Alerts, and other important information.

3. Supporting Your Community

Another great use of a digital billboard is selling ad space to local businesses and nonprofits. By advertising for restaurants, bars, or other retail services, you help increase their revenue. In turn, this boosts the city’s tax base and property values in your community.

Everyone in a city can appreciate a digital billboard because anyone can reserve a space for an ad, their artwork, or any other message. If your community needs an effective communication and advertising tool like a digital billboard, contact Daktronics for a customized presentation.

“Within the first month, we have seen more revenue from the new digital board than the revenue from all 80 static boards combined”

Mark Stein, Stein Sign Display

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