Expand Your Clientele with these 4 Hot Niches

Though most companies are facing difficult times, outdoor activity businesses are thriving in this social-distancing environment. With growing popularity comes a higher demand to share their company information with digital signage.

Despite the state of our post-quarantine economy, many outdoor activity businesses are thriving. With a lift in demand, these businesses may be more likely to purchase an LED display.

People are looking to get out of the house and have some fun while social distancing.

This has caused a surge in sales for many outdoor activity companies, and you can capitalize on their success by reaching out to them!

Maximize your sales by exploring relationships with these thriving niches:

  • RV Dealers

The weekend of May 1st was the biggest weekend the rental company RVshare has seen in its history. The company’s sales are up 30% compared to last year, according to CEO Marcus Lemonis.1

To strengthen your sales pitch, illustrate how RV dealers could use their digital sign to draw their new-found following away from competitors.

  • Boats and Watercraft Dealers

Boat sales have also seen a sharp rise this summer. Smith Boys, a popular boat dealer in New York, saw a 140% increase this year!2 Not only are people looking for some fun, but low interest rates could also be a factor in the rising sales.

No doubt these types of dealerships have some extra cash to spend on digital signage. Simply paint them a picture of how an LED sign would affect their business to push them in the right direction.

  • Home Improvement/Landscaping

In March, this industry’s sales rose by 33% and has held that high rate through May.3 A mix of free time and being stuck at home leads to many home-improvement projects.

By explaining that a digital sign would inspire viewers to buy the supplies they need to finally remodel their garage or plant that new flower bed, you can show these types of companies the influence they can have on their community.

  • Golf Courses

The number of rounds sold online at public courses spiked 60% from last year.4 With the weather warming up, many people have turned to this classic recreation with built-in social-distancing guidelines.

Let golf course or club owners know that they could use digital signage to draw people in and share any deals, regulations, or other information.

Reach Out!

Other niches on the rise include fireworks stands, campgrounds, parks, zoos, bike stores, waterparks, go kart tracks, and other outdoor activities. These types of companies are thriving and likely looking for ways to expand their businesses and develop new marketing plans.

For convincing statistics to share with potential clients, download this flyer about LED displays and their effects on businesses. Also be sure to tell them about our free, onsite demos!

1 Lori Rackl, “Demand for RVs grows as coronavirus crisis changes the way we travel. ‘I can see so many people doing it this summer,’” Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2020
2Rick Moriarty, “The coronavirus is driving a wave of boat sales in Central New York,” Syracuse, June 13, 2020.
3Matt Minor, “How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Home Improvement Industry,” Hatch, March 25,2020.
4Jena McGregor, “Coronavirus shutdowns are making golf courses an oasis for stir-crazy Americans eager to get out and tee it up,” The Washington Post, May 20, 2020

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