Social Distancing Inside the Control Room

Is your team returning for the upcoming sports season? Be prepared and check out these tips for social distancing in the control room.

As the fall sports season approaches, teams and venues are looking for ways to safely return to work. The following are a couple of ways Daktronics can help with social distancing in your control rooms.


Daktronics Show Control user stations can easily be moved to help keep a safe six feet distance between operators. Whether you move it a couple of seats down the desk or to a brand-new location outside of the control room, you have the option to take the system wherever you need it to keep you and your staff members safe.


Show Control has features that can streamline your production to help limit the number of people in the control room at one time. By using triggering and automation features you can make your production more efficient, by doing more with less. Learn more about some of these features in here.

If you need help figuring out the logistics and best cases for your system and setup, we’re here to help. Reach out to your regional Applications Engineer or contact us today at to discuss your situation and your specific needs.

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