Over 15 Years of Digital: Book Your Billboard

After realizing the many benefits of out of home advertising, Book Your Billboard partnered with Daktronics to erect a digital billboard. The business has been growing steadily since.

Back in 2006, Doug Muth and his wife decided to enter the out of home advertising industry. They skipped the static billboard and went straight for digital, starting the company Book Your Billboard. About five years ago, the couple added a partner, Zach Neugebauer.

“Through the years, I’ve liked to invest in different kinds of real estate, and I look at outdoor as a form of real estate. I was interested in the different concept and pursued it,” Muth said about what sparked his interest with out of home.

The company now has 19 digital billboards in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area, and they are dreaming big.

“The goal for us is to get to 100 digital billboards. Then once we get there, we will reevaluate – probably expand it from 100 to 200 and so on,” Muth said about Book Your Billboard’s plans.

They are currently in the works of expanding into other cities and expect to see rapid growth. He credits a lot of their success to the sales team who is filling up all their ad space.

“We have an amazing sales team, and we continue to add a lot of value to our customers,” he said. “As clients and prospects learn about who Book Your Billboard is, we continue to attract them to our company.”

Each billboard has six advertisers with a 10 second hold time, giving all their clients tremendous exposure.

Their most recent installation is in one of the best locations thus far. It is a double-sided 14×48 foot display between two bridges that cross the river in downtown Sioux Falls. This prime location is a beautiful spot that catches a lot of attention.

Daktronics values the partnership we’ve developed with Book Your Billboard over the years, and Muth is excited about growing our partnership as the industry advances.

“The only manufacturer I’ve ever used is Daktronics,” he said. “We really look forward to the future with [Daktronics] as our partner.”

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