Daktronics Innovate Series Continues with Direct-View LED

Daktronics Innovate Series will continue in October focusing on our indoor LED solutions.

Daktronics Innovate Series will continue in October with a 2-week program focused on info on our partner program, our direct-view LED solutions and educational topics on fitting this technology into different applications.

The full agenda includes:

  • Partnering with Daktronics— how we’re developing our AV channel partners and the advantages we offer to AV integrators. 
  • Indoor Product Portfolio Overview—our newest generation of indoor direct-view LED products. 
  • Discovering the right fit for Direct-View LED —Diving into the differences between digital technologies available and talk through when our LED video products are a good fit for the application. 
  • Designing Corporate Spaces with LED Technology
  • Seeing the Big Picture with Military LED Video Walls
  • Technology Trends to Watch —We’ll share some trends we’re seeing and research we’re doing to discover the next big thing in LED technology. 

We hope you can join us October 13th-22nd!

Register today at daktronics.com/innovate

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