Considering an upgrade? Here’s a good reason to do it now!

Your digital LED sign should make the best first impression for your business. But if it’s aging, now is the time to upgrade and get a rebate up to $3,000!

No matter how good the technology on your older digital LED sign is, it will show its age. If you have gotten many years from your sign, it may be time to upgrade light up your business with a new one. Need a bit of incentive? How about this?

Get a rebate up to $3,000 when you upgrade your aging sign with a new Daktronics LED sign!

Here are even more reasons to upgrade your sign:

  • Attract more eyes with better contrast and resolution. Your logo, graphics and promotional messages will pop!
  • Control software that’s flexible and easy to use. Venus® Control Suite is a cloud-based software that sets you up to control your new display from anywhere and with any device.
  • Free, professionally created content to generate sales. It’s the perfect way to boost your business!
  • Reliability that can’t be beat. Every component is completely sealed to protect it from even the harshest elements. That means less downtime and more attention.

Want some details on that rebate?

It’s very simple. First, order your upgraded sign before January 20, 2021. Ask your sign company for the matrix size and Daktronics order number. Then get on the Daktronics website to complete a rebate submission form to get a rebate up to $3,000. That’s it!

Get even more details at!

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