Top 5 Questions Daktronics Control System Specialists Receive

From questions on backup systems to connecting an HDMI input, here are the top 5 things our Control Systems Specialists get asked.

Adam Kaminski on-site with the Milwaukee Bucks while training the team on their new Daktronics system.

We sat down with Daktronics Control System Specialist (CSS), Adam Kaminski, to find out what questions customers ask him the most. Here are the top 5 questions our CSS team receives and how to best tackle them yourself.

1. How do I switch to the backup system?

Does the system automatically switch? The answer is no, this is an operator execution. Depending on the equipment in your system, you may have a hardware switch (typically located in the rack) or buttons in Display Studio to switch between primary and backup. Refer to this Knowledge Base article for more details.

2. How big should I create a graphic for my display?

Refer to the Content Creation Guide in this Knowledge Base article. Some users will receive a personalized Content Creation Guide which will list the zone sizes in their system. For DMP-8000-based displays, Daktronics best practice is to create the content for the zone size in which it will play.

***Hint*** If you don’t know your system’s zone sizes, Content Studio will list these in the New Presentation Wizard window.

3. How frequently should I shutdown/restart the control system?

Daktronics control systems are made to run 24/7/365. Since everyone’s display’s “downtime” is different, find a maintenance schedule that works for you. Refer to this Knowledge Base article for proper Startup/Shutdown Procedures.

4. Should I install Windows updates on my Daktronics computers?

Refer to our Support Hub regarding Windows 10. Use Windows Safe Hours to ensure updates won’t occur or interfere during hours of display operation.

5. How can I connect an HDMI input to show on my Daktronics display?

This depends on the design of the system. Some systems come equipped with HDMI converters and inputs for this purpose. If your system does not have an HDMI converter or port, contact Daktronics to discuss options for HDMI integration. Use MySupport or contact Professional Services.

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