Bringing Theme Night to the Big Screen

Looking for a way to add some lighthearted fun to your gameday? Make it a theme night!

The options are countless – healthcare appreciation, retro, dress-up events – there is no limit to the fun. This is something that the student section can own and will only add to the experience on gameday.

Adding theme night flare to your video board just amps up the environment. Below are 5 ways to tie your theme night to your video board.

Festive backgrounds

Compliment your messages for the evening with fun graphics that gets attendees in the spirit of the evening.

Video clips

If it’s 80s night, show clips of some of the classic films of the decade. Healthcare workers will appreciate a “thank you” video from area residents.

Games and Trivia

Crowds love trivia and the video board makes it easy to happen. Almost every theme night has an opportunity to frame trivia around the event.


For nights where the crowd dresses up, host a contest and let the crowd pick the winner. Video displays help prompt the crowd to react and participate in this effort.


Each theme night presents an opportunity to solicit sponsorships. Each of these content ideas can be complimented with the sponsors logo and an opportunity to drive revenue.

Interested in what other schools are up to? Join the Daktronics High School Users Group to collaborate with schools like yours around the country.

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