5 Ways to Amplify your Advertising Dollars

Is your advertising budget doing all it can for your business? No matter where you spend your advertising dollars, including a digital LED sign at your location will help you make the most of your messaging.

1 | Compliment your other marketing efforts.

Highlight loyalty programs, mobile apps or your social media efforts. By placing these programs on your digital sign, you’ll find the adoption of these programs will skyrocket, by reaching your customers where these programs will take off by promoting them where people respond immediately –at the point of purchase.

GCS Holdings_Brookings, SD_9.jpg

2 | Reinforce your branding and messaging at your location

No matter where you advertise, having that same ad or message at your business is always an effective way to hit it home at just the right moment. And hearing this message often is critical. Psychologists note that advertising messages should be repeated 3-20 times before they influence buyer behavior.


3 | Include appealing visuals of your products or services.

Visuals are proven to be most effective in tempting your customers to buy. Simply put, paired with the right visual, a digital sign will make you look good.

4 | Attract more customers.

Digital signage is the one marketing medium that can’t be “fast forwarded”, opted out of or ignored.

5 | Connect with the community.

Draw people’s eyes and connect them in different ways with messages such as promotion of community fundraisers, recognizing area student activities, upcoming events in your area – promoting these type of events increases customer loyalty as they see you connect with their interests as well.

Brands around the globe are using digital signs to complement their existing marketing strategy. Learn more about how this tool can help your business.

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