Stunning Reliability

Optimal viewing, intelligent design, and the longest-lasting digital display on the market. Daktronics OOH advertising billboards make every message stand out with high contrast, true-to-life images.

An LED display should be stunning from the moment it is installed and remain just as beautiful every day until the end of its lifetime. That’s why Daktronics engineers and manufactures the most reliable products in the industry.

How do we do it?

  • Optimal viewing – Whether people see your display close up or far away, straight on or at many angles, you can ensure the best image quality. We’ll help you choose the proper display type for your installation site.
  • Intelligent design – We push every component to failure, so we can analyze the results and continuously improve our technology. We are never satisfied with the status quo.
  •  Reliability – It’s not just a buzzword with us. In fact, we have our own Reliability Lab, where we test our products with standards matched only by the automobile and aerospace industries. 

Why so much emphasis on reliability?

The honest, simple answer is, it’s all about image. Your image. Your advertisers’ image. Plus our image. After all, if you don’t look good, neither does Daktronics. We want you to look absolutely stunning. Here’s a little inside scoop on how we do it.

The Daktronics Lab Services team measures display visual performance using the Image Quality Measurement System (IQMS). They test luminance, maximum viewing angles, color range, uniformity, and ambient contrast ratio.

Reliability Lab_Image Quality Measurement System_01.jpg

Ambient contrast ratio is considered the most important aspect of a display’s performance. Greater contrast ratios attract they eye and increase viewer comprehension rates. Our displays feature louvers to eliminate sun glare, while maintaining maximum viewing angles. The LED color pops with the deepest black contrast on the market.

Our comprehensive testing also helps our engineers develop displays without discoloration, blank areas, flickering or weathering.

You won’t find anyone more excited about making products fail than the people in our Reliability Lab. They do the behind-the-scenes work that helps Daktronics engineer and manufacture the most stunning, reliable displays on the market.

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