What’s New for Baseball in 2021?

Here is what to expect for the 2021 baseball season: 

Show Control

Here is a recap of some of the new features added to Show Control in the last 12 months.

Watch the video for a recap of the key updates in Show Control v2.23-2.25.

Display Studio – New Quick Data feature

Introduced in version 2.23+ This feature allows the user to define groups/tabs of data that can be quickly edited via a widget directly in Display Studio. Edit On the Fly right in Content Studio. Enter and publish answers to quiz games, attendance numbers, anthem singer details, etc. This requires Data Studio and Venus Control Suite.

More details are in this knowledge base article: How do I use the quick data feature in Display Studio?

  • Enter and publish answers to quiz games, attendance numbers, anthem singer details, etc. Requires Data Studio.
  • VCS and Data Studio are needed for this functionality.
Live Book

Live Book Baseball is available for MiLB A new generation of LIVE BOOK: A score bug solution with a live connection to the MLB data for streaming productions.

  • Game in progress information directly from MLB
  • Integrated, turnkey solution.
  • High quality motion graphics elevates your broadcast or live stream to the next level.
  • Eliminates the need for an operator dedicated only to stats.
  • Includes a Baseball Graphics Template Package to start a personalized content library.  
  • System control with a remote operator is supported – restart your productions while keeping staff safe.

Live Book for NCAA baseball and other sports.

Keep up-to-date with changes to baseball systems here.

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