Introduction to our Web Editor series

Watch for the Video Blog series on the new Web Editor.

VenusĀ® Control Suite is updated regularly with new features and improvements to the functionality of the software. One of the recent updates is to the Web Editor. There are many tools you can use to create great content within this editor. In the following weeks, we will publish a series of Video Blogs on how to use the tools within the editor to create simple content to more advanced content.

The first video will focus on our font options. In this video, we will show you how to create a basic message that ensures your text is legible and easy to read as people drive by. 

The second video will cover adding background images and adding text while using the practices from the first video.

The third video will cover adding multiple images to a presentation. This will show you how you can add a mascot, logo, or other transparent images over a background image.

The fourth video will show you how to add a picture or headshot to your Web Editor Presentation. This capability could be used by businesses to highlight employees or for schools to highlight graduating seniors.

Please watch for these video blogs to learn more on how to use the new Web Editor.

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