First Video Board in a Delaware High School Run by Students

Salesianum School’s new athletic stadium features the first video scoreboard at a Delaware high school. The Daktronics video board features student-created content, and students also operate the board, providing excellent experience and an enhanced fan experience.

Daktronics recently installed the first high school video scoreboard in Delaware. It stands in the Abessinio Stadium, the newly built athletic facility for sports powerhouse Salesianum School.

“This is a Division II or above stadium with suites and a broadcast studio built in,” says Dave Lock, Technical Director for Salesianum High School. “It’s more of an event space than just the grandstands and a field. The video board is the icing on the cake. It was part of the design from the very start.”

Daktronics sales rep Mic Spicciati says it was exciting to see the video board go up in the new state-of-the-art facility, which will also benefit the community.

“The school received donations to build Abessinio Stadium, and they will put it to good use,” Spicciati says. “Salesianum attracts students from the Tri-State area, and they will benefit from their experience.”

Lock teaches the broadcast production class, which includes operating the video board. On game days, students run the livestream feed, sound mixing and music, sound effects, and running Show Control. They create content for games and events, and they plan to incorporate more features, such as instant replay.

“My philosophy is that it all needs to be student run. We look forward to using it to its full potential. Daktronics is a leader in the industry, so our kids can move from our program to college and even technical careers. We are close to universities, and we hope the experience will help students really take off.”

The school features the board during open house recruitment days as well. Lock says it’s already creating excitement.

“The kids see it and their eyes light up,” he says. “We have the potential to elevate everything from graphic design and motion graphics to camera work and live streaming. The hands-on experience helps students find their niche.”

Learn more about how video boards can help your school and students.

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