3 Ways to Attract More Advertisers to Your DOOH Network

A recent report forecasted the global market for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to reach $26.9 billion (about $83 per person in the U.S.) by 2025. What is your plan to attract this business? While marketers may recognize DOOH being the fastest growing advertising medium, you can’t rely on them seeking you out.

Joni Schmeichel and Chaz Fuhrman, experts on ad sales strategies, offer some suggestions for companies to get creative to grow their advertising revenue.

1. Look for trending business.

COVID has created its own trends – especially home improvements and delivery services. Another aspect to consider is seasonal business. Spring brings lawn care services, garden centers or even house painting, while winter has snow removal, winter apparel or options for indoor and outdoor recreation.

2. Consider local.

The #shoplocal initiatives are more popular than ever. Look for your local gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers and other businesses that make your area special. For those with more limited budget, offer sponsorship slots for local events or causes.

3. Participate in programmatic advertising.

You can match your inventory with an audience based off preferences the advertiser sets – that might be price, location, or target audience.

Celebrate your client base.

You know the old motto, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine?” It works in business too. Find ways to support those who advertise with you – posting about them on your social media channels, appreciation events or swag, and encouraging your employees to shop with those who advertise.

Remember DOOH is part of integrated campaigns. Digital can help drive your consumer to dig deeper into an advertisers’ overall campaign. Social media makes this possible through hashtags. Seeing an ad on a DOOH display makes it more likely that a consumer will interact with the brand on social media.

Interested in learning more? Sign up to receive a one-on-one session to learn more ways on how you can increase dollars from your digital inventory.

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