Learning Venus Control Suite just got easier!

Venus Control Suite is easier to learn with our new Onboarding site.

Are you ever working in the Venus Control Suite software and wondering how to perform a task? We just made it easier to find help and ‘how-to’ resources with our new Venus Control Suite Onboarding plan. These resources will be located in the Venus Control Suite software as in App links to provide a quick and easy way to help the operator.

The onboarding in App links will allow all existing operators and new operators to connect with the Venus Control Suite Onboarding when and where they need it. Specific pages within the Venus Control Suite software will have links to appropriate modules to learn about that feature or task. This will allow the operators to be able to review that function on demand.

The Onboarding site is broken down into modules and walks the operators through getting set up in the software to publishing a playlist of content. Operators just getting started in the software can walk through the Onboarding start to finish at their own pace. Meanwhile, operators with more knowledge can pick and choose the modules for features they need help with.

Click here on instructions to access the Onboarding site.

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