Jump Start Your Fitness Center Membership with This Marketing Tool

A growing number of fitness centers have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy in recent months, after failing to recover from temporary government-mandated closures. What are you doing to protect your business and encourage your members to come back?

There’s one ticket that fitness centers have found that helps communicate their message, while offering the experience members can’t get in their home gym – digital signage.

Digital signage improves the cleanliness of a facility by reducing the posters scattered throughout the facility. Popular locations for LCD and LED screens include:

  • Exterior marquees
  • Front desk
  • Childcare center
  • Equipment areas
  • Group fitness rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Café

Buying a network of LCDs and placing them strategically throughout the facility is nothing new to the industry – but what you share on these devices can be so much more than providing entertainment for members running on a treadmill.

Here are 13 content ideas to show on your digital signage that will bring the “experience” back to the gym.

  1. COVID and other safety protocol
    You’ve likely improved ventilation, air filtration systems and perhaps added outdoor classes. Let people know!
  2. Etiquette
    As members return, they’ll need reminders on wiping down equipment after use, locker room protocol, social distancing requirements, etc. Showing these messages on digital signage minimizes the clutter caused by hanging these messages on posters and increases retention.
  3. Promotions
    Who isn’t attracted by a good sale? Advertise membership specials, nutrition supplements or the daily special in the café.
  4. Services offered
    Do you offer personal training? Nutrition programs? Make sure members are in the know.
  5. Heart rate monitor competitions
    Chances are if you’re a member of a gym, you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak. Technology exists that shows members heart rate on the digital sign, versus having to constantly check your watch. Plus, pairing members against each other feeds into developing an experience at the gym.
  6. Live rides/live stream classes
    For members that love Peloton and similar programs, digital signage can provide them a more robust experience than exercising at home. For those who find comfort in their living room, showing the live stream on the big screen helps to motivate members to push it.
  7. Partnerships
    Whether you partner with a local supplement shop or offer special incentives to specific businesses – make sure people know about them!
  8. Hours
    If your gym is 24-hours, remind them when staff is available to answer any questions.
  9. Demonstrations
    Provide a “how-to” video on the proper use of equipment or demonstrate the form of a particular exercise.
  10. Café menus and prices
    Digital menu boards allow gyms to change menu items and/or prices as needed.
  11. Nutritional motivation
    The industry preaches that weight loss is 80% diet – so provide members with the tools they need to meet their goals.
  12. Multi-sport gymnasium scoreboards
    Whether you’re playing racquetball, pickleball or basketball, a multi-sport scoreboard allows members to play a variety of sports, while keeping the competitive experience.
  13. Childcare promotions
    If you offer on-site childcare or partner with a local daycare center to do so, make sure you provide visibility to this service.

Interested in how digital signage could increase your bottom line? Calculate your potential return below.

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