Advertisers Capitalizing on OOH Mediums This School Season

If your advertisers aren’t highlighting the back-to-school efforts underway on your digital billboard, you are missing out on revenue!

A recent survey projected 2021 spending per household for school averaging at a staggering $848.90. As the second biggest shopping event of the year, it provides plenty of advertising opportunities.

Not sure where to start? No problem – we have the content created and ready to go – and the best part – it’s on us! Download the appropriate display size from this site, add your customization and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Back To School Countdown_2

  1. Many clients think ad agencies sell products. They hire an agency, and if sales don’t improve quickly enough, they blame the agency. However, an ad agency’s primary job is to match your product or service with a target audience that needs what you’re selling. This can take time, especially in an industry with very long sales cycles.


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