What’s New in Show Control 2.30

A Show Control system includes Display Studio, Content Studio and is associated with multiple types of digital media players. The new features listed below work best with an up-to-date DMP-8000 and All Sport Pro.
Display Studio Updates
  • New: User-defined Frame Marker points on Quick Display and Script buttons (Require v8.75 of DMP-8000) See: Display Studio: How to insert a custom marker to a clip on a button.
  • New: Display Studio installer will upgrade the Trigger Widget if it has been installed previously
  • Fixed: Refactored communication between the UI and player devices to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed: Display Studio UI is slow to show up after being minimized
  • Fixed: Persistent synchronization failures requiring an application restart to resolve
  • Fixed: Next file name preview on quick display buttons only working intermittently

Content Studio Updates
  • New: Text Capitalization can force all text in a field to be Uppercase or Lowercase.
  • New: Clip content to bounds allow text, images and video to go past the edge of the bounding box without being clipped/wrapped.
  • New: Multi-field blank option allows users to configure text field to blank when an associated value is empty.
    • Fixed: Some presentations do not fully play through when being previewed on customer supplied hardware
    Interested in an update?

    Please note, updates and improvements are often impacted by the type of system your Show Control interfaces with. Learn more by contacting our Professional Services Team.

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