Integrating the Game-Day Production at University of Florida

In 2006, along with their new video display for the O’Connell Center, the University of Florida needed someone to operate the new technology and provide event production for their entire game-day show. The integration of LED video technology at that venue, along with court-side scorer’s tables, required a different level of production from the previous fixed-digit scoreboard and static signage.

Being experts and manufacturers of the LED video display, Daktronics was selected to provide an on-site event producer to run the show out of a newly-purchased broadcast production truck, previously used for professional sports, for the University of Florida Gators. The event producer was integral in shaping the way the new video displays would be used as part of the create demand process.

In 2010, the truck was replaced with an on-campus, centrally located control room. Since then, the school has expanded to two control rooms with the opportunity to grow with their video system needs. Today, the Daktronics Event Producer runs the show for football, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, baseball, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, and other special events. This person also hires and trains all the students and game-day personnel to run these shows, taking another task off the university’s plate.

It’s not just the production, it’s also the connection to Daktronics Creative Services and ensuring content makes the displays shine and engage audiences while matching the style the university is aiming for and matching all brand standards.

To continually make things easier for the university, the on-site Daktronics employee can handle potential service requests and even make fixes well before they become emergent. They can also troubleshoot equipment across campus and work as the liaison between the school and Daktronics for any need that may arise.

Daktronics has been a part of the evolution of the University of Florida Gators’ game-day production for well over a decade. The expansion of LED video displays across athletic venues has only brought more value from having a Daktronics event producer on site. Now all of their teams, fans, coaches, and partners benefit from a high-quality fan-engaging production.

Interested in learning more about our Event Production offerings? Check out our website.

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