Make daylight savings time effortless in your control room

Don’t fall behind after Daylight Savings Time!

While our clocks may fall back an hour on Sunday, November 7, we don’t want your control system to get left be behind. The computer’s internal clock plays an important role in some of your control and data programs. Depending on what Daktronics system you are using, here are some ways to make sure you’re covered before Sunday.

  • DMP-8000 & DMP-7000 – Systems using Show Control with DMP-8000 & DMP-7000 should acknowledge the time change automatically if the system is connected to the internet.
    • All Daktronics-supplied PC’s use a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to keep the computer clocks in sync and accurate.
    • If a Daktronics-supplied computer is displaying the incorrect time on its Windows desktop, it may be updated manually.
  • Venus Control Suite (VCS) – Venus Control Suite systems (DMP-8000) should have the proper time zone set in the Displays tab in Venus Control Suite.
  • Content Studio – If you’re showing the time of day using the Insert tab in Content Studio, time is pulled from the Windows clock on the respective DMP.
  • AllSport – If showing the time of day using the AllSport console, the time on console will need to be updated manually. Procedures for setting time of day on the AllSport can be found here.

If you have additional questions around Daylight Savings Time and your Daktronics Control system, create a new case in your MySupport account today and our service teams can help!

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