DQ® Employees Bring the Love to Daktronics Digital Sign

When employees left a Daktronics mailer with the message “We’d love this!” on his desk, DQ® Owner Paul Clemons got the message. Now his DQ® features a new digital sign that helps his employees avoid nasty weather – and attract customers.

As you can imagine, winter in Farmington, Minnesota, is cold and snowy. It’s not a time when DQ® employees want to spend an hour or more outside on a ladder, manually changing the message on a sign with broken tracks. That’s why the same message would often be up for months.

Paul Clemons, owner of the DQ® restaurant, admits that even when the message did get changed, it didn’t look great.

“In winter, my employees left messages up as long as they could with the old sign,” he says. “It had five lines, and we were very limited with the letters and lines. Sometimes the same message was up for three months until we had a nice sunny day.”

Last Valentine’s Day, Clemons found something waiting for him on his desk. “I got the Daktronics mailer, and my employees circled it and signed it, and put hearts all over it. They said, ‘We’d love this!’”

Clemons took the hint with good humor. “It was actually a good idea.”

He replaced the old with a new high resolution (10mm pixel pitch) digital sign, controlled by an employee on a laptop with Venus® Control Suite software. They show DQ® content, professionally created by Daktronics. They also run some community messaging such as birthday wishes, and at Clemons’ request, they show a different clever saying every week.

They haven’t tracked results at this point, but Clemons already recognizes the value of the digital sign at his business.

“Now, when people want to know what the BLIZZARD® of the Month is, they can see it on the sign. The investment was worth it,” he says.

And what do his employees think?

“We really like it now, and we haven’t even been through a winter yet!”

Learn more about how Daktronics helps DQ® restaurants improve their businesses – and why we were chosen as the 2021 DQ® Equipment Vendor of the Year!

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