Revolutionizing the DOOH Industry

With pixel pitches as low as 8mm and 10mm, urban digital billboards provide the best image for viewers both near and far.

The out of home industry is getting creative with digital billboards. From the sides of buildings to the tops of bridges, nothing is off-limits. Great locations mixed with state-of-the-art technology and high image quality is impossible to ignore, drawing more attention than ever to your billboard and your advertisers.

Our goal is to help you be as noticeable as possible, maximize your ROI and climb the ladder in the OOH industry. If you’re venturing into the urban landscape, check out our 8mm and 10mm billboards – they display the best possible image, even at short distances.

Daktronics billboards are easy to install and feature advanced technology, such as automatic display dimmers and snap calibration, making installation and maintenance breeze. Read this flyer for more information on urban billboards and see how you could implement one in your area.

Innovate Series Webinars

Collin Huber, Daktronics OOH Market Manager, discusses everything you need to know about the latest DOOH trends and how to leave your audience stunned. Register for “Urban Digital Billboards Revolutionize the DOOH Industry” to hear new ideas on making your billboard the focal point of your city, attracting clients like flies to honey.

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