Navigation in Venus Control Suite is About to Become a Lot More Streamlined! 

Venus Control Suite is making some big changes! When users log in, they will experience a different ‘home page’ experience, called the Launchpad and will have access to the new Monitoring app for their display monitoring needs.

Venus Control Suite is making some big changes! When users log in, they will experience a different ‘home page,’ called the Launchpad. These updates will be rolled out over the next few months and additional communication will be relayed to customers before the update takes place. Take a look below to see how these changes will affect what you are seeing in the software. 


The new Launchpad will be replacing the Dashboard page that you see when you first log in. The features that made the Dashboard great you’ll find in the Monitoring app, which we’ll get to in a little bit. 

We are currently working on the new Launchpad which will provide a more streamlined navigational experience when you first log in.  Here’s a preview of what we’re working on below, please note that the final design of the page may change at release time as we continue to work on this feature. 


The Launchpad will present your account information such as username and package as well as providing quick and easy access to all of your Venus apps. We are looking to further enhance the Launchpad with some quick actions to make your commonly used workflows even easier. 

These new features will streamline creating and scheduling content as well as navigating between the various apps in the software. 


Monitoring App 

The Monitoring app is where you’ll be able to check the status of your display. 


Just like in the current Dashboard you’ll see your recently played messages on your display. If you have a webcam you’ll be able to check that as well, and you can see the status of your display. All of the features you’ve grown to love in a cleaner, sleeker look to compliment the other apps within VCS. 


If you have the Professional or Enterprise package you’ll see Liveview which will show you exactly what is playing on your display at that moment to help you schedule with confidence and quickly troubleshoot any content issues that may arise. For those not in these packages, you’ll still retain the Recent view that you’ve always had. 

If you have more than 15 displays you will see a condense view of the tiles that can be easily expanded to see all of the above information. 


You’ll also have filters on the right so you can sort your displays a specific way and can even quickly pull up any displays that are experiencing errors. 



These changes will be taking place in a few months, be sure to tune into our blog and other Daktronics resources for updates on these and other great new features as we get closer to release!

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