Windows 11 Updates: What you need to know

Upgrading to Windows 11 soon? Here’s everything you need to know.

Windows 11 was released to the public on October 5, 2021, as a free upgrade via Windows Update and Windows 11 Installation assistant on eligible devices running Windows 10.

For those using Windows 10 Professional, there is no charge from Microsoft to upgrade, but like all upgrades, consider your software platforms and the impact to those programs.  

Check before you update. Operators may receive a notification from Microsoft to upgrade some of your Windows 10 Professional Computers provided as a part of your Daktronics Control System.  This update is acceptable for some products, but not all have been qualified at this time. For products such as players, processors, Venus 1500 or DSTI, Daktronics strongly advises our customers to NOT upgrade their systems to Windows 11 in order to maintain the functionality and integration of the various components in the control system.

However, Daktronics has tested and qualified the latest versions of Show Control with Display Studio and Content Studio and Venus Control Suite with Windows 11. Windows updates on computers with these products may proceed if necessary.  As you plan for the update, be cautious of other unqualified applications on those computers.  If software updates to Show Control or a locally hosted Venus Control Suite are needed, please follow these links. 

If a computer with a Daktronics application (not qualified for Win 11) is upgraded to Windows 11, the application may not work as desired. Any service response needed to backdate the system will not be provided under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Typically, the update assistant or Microsoft Update has an option to backdate for 10 days after the upgrade was completed.  Once this time period has lapsed, a complete re-image of the machine will be required to restore functionality.

We continue to work through qualification of our core Daktronics applications for support of Windows 11.  As noted above, computers with the latest versions of Show Control or Venus Control Suite can be updated, but do not update other computers to Windows 11 until notified that the system incompatibility issues have been resolved.  

*Note: Daktronics Digital Media Players (DMP-8000) run on a different version of Windows 10 are not eligible for an upgrade through Microsoft.  Windows 10 IOT LTSC, per the OEM license agreement requires reimaging to upgrade the OS.  

For help with ensuring your system’s compatibility, contact

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