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Movie Night On the Field

Everyone wants to get the most out of the summer weather. Muskego High School, Muskego, Wisconsin, is doing just that. The high school is using the outdoor video board and field to host four movie nights from May to August. Movie goers sit on the turf beneath the stars, in front of a 17-feet high ...

Movie Night on the Turf

When you think of going to the movies, you probably think about popcorn, commercials and dim lighting. Turf probably doesn’t come to mind, unless you’re Waunakee High School in Wisconsin.

Movie Night Done Right

What comes to mind when you think about movie night? Friends, family, popcorn, soda or maybe your favorite candy? How about turf and your football team? Your Daktronics video display can easily be converted into a movie screen. We talked with Bryan Perry, Daktronics Event Producer at Iowa State University to see what it takes ...

National Harbor Starts Free Movie Night with Big Hero 6

Last summer we published a post about an interesting trend. Outdoor video owners have started to host family-friendly movie events. See “Content Trends: Shark Week, Despicable Me, and Large Digital Screens.” This summer, National Harbor, Washington, D.C., continues to offer a free movie night under the stars. Movies on the Potomac started the season with Big ...

Knights Inspired by Brewers

Oak Creek High School got a behind the scenes tour of Brewer's stadium prior to having their video board installed in August. Leaving inspired, they are already creating content to show for their first game.

Friday Night Lights: Coach Gaines

If you attend high school football games, you’re familiar with “Friday Night Lights.” What are the origins of this expression, and how did it take the nation by storm? It all started with a football team in Odessa, Texas — the Permian Panthers, to be precise, and their legendary leader, Coach Gaines. Texas. Where bigger ...

Be Prepared for your next Special Event

Whether you’re hosting a movie night, a holiday event or one of the other countless special events that come about, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for the occasion.

Private School Uses Video Boards to Build Community

Sometimes a video board goes way beyond athletics or even academics. At St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes in Alexandria, Virginia, their video boards are helping them maintain their school community.

Exploring New Opportunities: Training & Practice Facilities

Just like at your primary venue, from the Street to the Seat, and all the areas in between, we have a solution for your training and practice facility.

Sign purchased to protect and connect Tribal community

The Winnebago Tribe uses Cares Act money to install a digital sign to inform the community and bring people together.