Category: Daktronics Life

From Data Display to Daktronics Ireland

A conversation led to two competitors forming a strategic partnership to maximize international business relations.

Daktronics Journey to Become Publicly Traded

The story of Al Kurtenbach and Duane Sander building Daktronics into a publicly traded company.

10th Anniversary of Daktronics Engineering Technical Conference

This year on President's Day, Daktronics engineers from across the company gathered at the Swiftel Center in Brookings, South Dakota to show their groups' recent innovations to fellow coworkers and local engineering students.

Talking Shop with Daktronics Engineering

What's it like to have an inside look at early, top secret product design ideas? Lenny Sik knows a little bit about that. He runs the product development shop in Brookings, South Dakota, where countless concepts for new Daktronics products and features go through a first round of the proof-of-concept gauntlet. 

Inside the Technology of Video Processing

As part of National Engineering Week, we recently sat down with Megan Wiskur, 10-year engineer team member, to talk about how video processing enhances the fan experience and what it's like developing this technology at Daktronics. 

Growing Up Daktronics

If Daktronics wanted to create a slogan to sum up its relationship with the Koenig family, it would be, “With you from the start.”

Daktronics Promotes Technical Education in High Schools

Investing in the future is a worthwhile cause, especially when it concerns the workforce. Discover how Daktronics and the South Dakota Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference are connected.

Kayla Hovelson Celebrates 10 Years at Daktronics

Kayla came to Brookings in October 2006 and began working for Daktronics a year later as an assistant regional coordinator.

Parker Family Rooted in Daktronics

When you hear the last name Parker mentioned at Daktronics, chances are you might have to specify which family member a person means.

Nancy Herrick Retiring After 35 Years

When Nancy Herrick looks back at her 35 years at Daktronics, she says it’s been an “adventurous journey.”