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Denison Schools Create Hype

An ever-growing trend in the world of video is to create “hype” videos to amplify school spirit and raise the fan support (and volume) in the stadium. The Monarchs have it down.

Panther Productions

When students are behind the wheel, the benefits of a video scoring system at the high school level amplifies.

Putting Your Display to Good Use

High school digital displays are uniting education with extracurriculars across the country. Learn how efforts in the classroom reach beyond the walls and impact sporting events.

Career and Technical Education

Are you familiar with CTE curriculum? This month, education celebrates Career and Technical Education to provide students with experiences previously unheard of in the classroom.

Schools Helping Schools

When you consider a new purchase, do you ever read customer reviews or even ask your neighbor what their experience was like? That's exactly what prompted a field trip from one high school to another in Wisconsin, to check out scoring equipment and ask questions.

Daktronics Promotes Technical Education in High Schools

Investing in the future is a worthwhile cause, especially when it concerns the workforce. Discover how Daktronics and the South Dakota Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference are connected.

How to Gain Community Support

Fundraising starts with "fun" and should be! Daktronics Sports Marketing is here to help.

New Year, New Look at the Classroom

It's a new year. If you already feel like you've sapped your inner think tank for inspiration, take a look at how these schools are using their creative juices for fresh new ways to use their displays.

The Ultimate Field Trip

Students from Scottsbluff High School in Nebraska recently took a trip to the U.S. Air Force Academy to learn firsthand how the pros operate their displays as well as pick up some tips and ideas along the way.

Practice Makes Perfect

The football players practice for game day and so should the production crew. Crater came up with a game day challenge to get them fully prepared for a crazy game day.