Category: Using Your System

Create Big Moments with Triggers

Daktronics understands the need to have moments driven from a one button click and starting that content in sync.

Control more with one click in Display Studio

A new feature in Show Control's Display Studio script buttons allows operators to do more with one click.

Add Style to Your Basketball Data With Media RTD

Many teams use media RTD to display team logos and player graphics. What else can you do with it?

Avoid a nightmare! Don’t get caught without your basketball stats

Don't leave your scoreboard in the dark.  It is time for to double check your settings to ensure your scoreboard will light up with all the stats that your fans want to see.

Turning a centerhung into a single canvas: Iowa State University

Iowa State University wanted to turn their entire centerhung LED display system inside Hilton Coliseum into a single canvas for creative content to wow their fans. Installed in 2005, the system consists of four upper displays, four narrow displays in the middle and four lower displays using 12mm, 22mm and 10mm line spacings, respectively. Connecting ...

New Creative Options for Displaying NFL Out-of-town Scores

This season, the NFL Out-of-town or OOT Graphics Generator has introduced 3 new options that will allow for more creativity when displaying updates throughout the league. The latest version allows users to: Rotate the field and images 90 degrees for a vertical layout. Show an overhead view of the field with the end zone logos facing towards the field. ...

Trackman Pitch Speed and Exit Velocity integration is available!

Earlier this year, we collaborated with Trackman to develop a new interface and integration solution for Trackman data, which is now network based. We are excited to announce that we are ready to begin integration and deployment of this new data type at all MiLB sites and NCAA schools that utilize the Trackman system.This new ...

NFL Next Gen Stats integration is available for the 2017 Season!

Daktronics strives to be on leading edge of new data and we're excited to introduce that we will be providing a solution for NFL Next Gen Stats integration this season. Throughout the season, we'll explore new ways to use the recent stat additions in game productions as we look to develop more advancements to our interface ...

What’s new for the NFL in 2017?

Is your site preparing for the 2017 NFL season? Be sure to check out what's new with Daktronics software before kick-off! Daktronics NFL Interface Software Changed the Chargers team code to LAC in the database. Sports Wire 4000 Changed the Chargers team code to LAC in the database. Integration with NFL’s Clock and Data Interfaces ...

Updated Software Features for MLB Teams

Our development team recently issued additional software updates for MLB customers for the 2017 season. These mid-season updates include: Data Server Statcast Player Metrics app that is currently used by five beta sites Statcast Speed of Pitch interface with HIT timer has been added based upon customer requests Trackman interface for Speed of Pitch has ...