Here is what’s new in Show Control version 2.19

A Show Control system includes Display Studio, Content Studio and is associated with multiple types of digital media players.  The new features listed below work best with an up-to-date DMP-8000 and Data Studio. Version 2.19 includes new playlist features within Display Studio New playlist editing tools have been added to script and quick display buttons. This ...

Take Your House of Worship to the Next Level

Spread your message to new demographics and welcome new members with a digital sign.

Building Community and Strength: Daktronics Sponsorship Used for CrossFit Competition

When Cara Sterbis moved from South Dakota to Oregon and began working from home, she was in search of a good way to meet people. CrossFit turned out to be the perfect fit. Sterbis loves the variety and camaraderie that has come from joining CrossFit. Recently, Sterbis used her Daktronics Corporate Sponsorship as she competed ...

Our Commitment to Technology Security

Daktronics, the only provider of fine pitch LED displays founded, owned and operated in the United States, is prepared to deliver industry-leading products into the public sector, including Federal and Department of Defense applications. Through several acts and provisions, the U.S. government requires federal agencies to prefer American-made products in their procurement processes. The Buy ...

Houses of Worship: Five Tips for Affording Digital Signs

Digital signage too pricy? Here’s what you can do to raise money for an LED display.

Family-Owned Sign Company Installs Iconic Display, Even by New York Standards

Daktronics teamed with Heritage Outdoor Media to install one of the largest video billboards outside of Times Square. Hanging on an iconic building on the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, the sign reaches thousands of New Yorkers every day. People said it couldn’t be done, but after a smooth installation, advertising on the board sold out after just six months. It’s an excellent example of how a building landlord, a sign company and Daktronics worked together to create a huge success.


Love it or hate it. Valentine’s Day is here!

Whether you want to celebrate love, or celebrate "Singles Awareness Day", we've got the content for your digital billboard.

Reed Uses Corporate Sponsorship to Comfort Cancer Patients

Three Additional Daktronics Employees Join the Cause Amber Reed turned a grief-stricken and challenging time in her life into something positive, and she is actively passing that hope on to others through her Cancer Comfort Collection (CCC). Reed’s mom Peggy was misdiagnosed with a rare blood cancer for five years. After learning of this misdiagnosis, ...

National Sports Forum 2020 in Atlanta, Happy 25th NSF!

Join the Daktronics breakout session Monday, Feb. 10 at 11:45am, Cater to your fans in a new way; social experiences from street to seat.