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Auto Dealer’s LED Signs are Known for More Than Advertising

Fred Martin Motor Company has two large, very visible signs. In Barberton, Ohio, their Galaxy display soars over the freeway at their Fred Martin Superstore location on Barberton Road. The other LED sign, on Arlington Road in Akron, is also on the freeway. It’s the largest sign in the area and the only LED sign ...

Boise or Bust

If you’re close to Boise, the Boise Stage Stop is the place to fill the tank, eat and find intriguing souvenirs. FInd out how they recently replaced their 20 year old displays.

Midwest Credit Union Goes Full-Color

Learn why Glacier Hills Credit Union plans to install four more LED signs at other locations.  

An Onsite Demo Helps Customers Get What They Want

Recently, Wild Rose Casino & Resort in Jefferson, Iowa, swapped out their LED marquee for a new sign. They moved the old one to a different location with lower traffic.

Fight the Good Fight

Rotor Clip of Somerset, New Jersey, was ready to to pull the trigger on a digital billboard. All that was left to do was get approval to install the display. They thought it wouldn’t be a problem because other digital billboards were installed nearby. Wrong!

Lighting the Way for Family Fun

What comes to mind when you think about amusement parks? Funnel cake, Ferris wheels, games and maybe even win a prize. Going to amusement parks becomes a tradition for families. But what if it became in jeopardy? That’s exactly what Arnold’s Park in Iowa faced back in 1993. The section of land the park resides ...

3 Tips: Set Realistic Customer Expectations with Your Sign Renderings

Have you ever dealt with an unhappy customer? Not only do you have to make good on what they don’t like, they’re also less likely to return for additional purchases. Setting proper expectations up front is important for customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to LED technology. Make a good first impression with a realistic ...

Stimulate Repeat Business Tip #3

“It costs 6-7 times more money to get a new customer than to keep the ones you have already.” * Customer loyalty tip #3  Our final tip in this series is the most powerful one of all. A service agreement for your customers’ LED signs is the very best way to build a loyal customer ...

Stimulate Repeat Business Tip #2

“It costs 6-7 times more money to get a new customer than to keep the ones you have already.” * Last month, we published a post with our first suggestion to help keep your customers: CUSTOMER LOYALTY TIP#1: Help them to create and/or buy good content. CUSTOMER LOYALTY TIP#2  Share information with your customer. A great ...

Stimulate Repeat Business Part 1

Did you know about this statistic? It costs 6-7 times more money to get a new customer than to keep the ones you have already.* Here’s the first of four monthly suggestions we rounded up to help you keep your customers: Content is king. Your customers need the kind of effective, fresh messages that drive ...