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Smile! It’s Almost National Selfie Day!

Enrich your messages by celebrating this day. See our ideas and templates to get you going!

Billboard Image Quality

What’s Your IQ?

In the digital billboard market, your IQ is more than a measure of intelligence - it is your Image Quality. Learn how choosing your display based on Image Quality is the smart choice for you.

Daktronics Offers Flexible Control Options for OOH Users

Daktronics has flexible options to control your digital billboard using Venus® Control Suite or integrating with a third-party software provider.

Feed the Madness

Learn how live feeds are a great way to capitalize on the madness and excitement of March basketball!

A Global Perspective: Digital Ad Trends

We live in a social media driven world where trends and ideas travel the globe in an instant. To see what’s trending worldwide, we caught up with Peter Lindstrom of Primedia Outdoor in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1 on 1 with iDIGITAL

iDIGITAL, an Out of Home Advertising Agency, recently stopped by to see the inner cogs of Daktronics and dig into some topics they deal with every day: the legal team and local codes. Andy Solheim, iDIGITAL CEO, and Paul Hilt, iDIGITAL VP of Sales, shared their perspectives with us.

Many Hands Make Light Work

What goes into putting up a digital billboard? Whether a major Out of Home player or an independent company, there are a lot of things to consider when installing a digital billboard. This is precisely why Daktronics has a dedicated Out of Home team ready to help companies through the process. Our team will support ...

Park Outdoor Advertising’s Paul Panera, A Legacy of Excellence

Life moves in the same pattern as the seasons, ushering each other in and out, bringing something new to fill a void left by a departure. Similarly, that’s what happened when Paul Panera, Corporate General Manager of Park Outdoor Advertising (POA), decided to retire. Thirty-five years ago, Paul built a static sign structure on Highway ...

Long Time Customer Sees Massive Power Savings

If you’re an Independent billboard operator and you’ve never heard of Fred Derby of Digital Outdoor from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, he is somewhat of a historical figure within the outdoor industry. Back in 2005, Fred Derby purchased back-to-back DB-1000 digital billboard from us, becoming one of the first true Independent Billboard operators to purchase a digital ...

15 Years Of Digital Billboards

15 Years of Digital Billboards

2016 marks the 15th year since we began designing, manufacturing and installing LED digital billboards. Here’s a quick look into our history and what our future plans hold for the Out of Home industry. The Beginning Some of the first “digital billboards” we sold were not 100% LED displays. Before manufacturing full LED displays, we ...