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Cost/Benefit of Owning a Digital LED Sign

How much does an LED sign cost? Is the cost really worth the benefit? This blog from Daktronics provides some answers.

5 Tips for Engaging with Your Local Worship Facilities

Historically, churches have been a great adopter of digital display technology – both inside and out. With a variety of events going on throughout the week, digital signage is a medium that creates an experience for those attending the service and helps to draw attendees in when used effectively outdoors.

Aging Sign? Use This Rebate to Upgrade

Take advantage of a rebate up to $1,500 when you replace your old sign with the latest technology!

Midwest Credit Union Goes Full-Color

Learn why Glacier Hills Credit Union plans to install four more LED signs at other locations.  

Worth a Thousand Words: Tips for Photographing LED Displays

A live event production focuses on making graphics, cameras, and replays look good on our LED displays; but displays are often the subject in photos and videos used in other mediums. Whether it’s an Instagram post of the stadium, a promotional poster, or a a website photo, it’s important to photograph the display at its ...

Small Display Help 3 – Getting the Most Out of Your Display

This week, we’re going old school! That’s right, it’s been just over a year since our 2-part series on Small Displays. As with most great series, they just don’t feel complete until the 3rd part of the trilogy is finally released, and we don’t intend to leave you hanging any longer! If you need to ...


Worth the Trip?

Do you face the following situations daily and want ideas to help with them? Dealing with customers reluctant to make a lump sum payment for an EMC Handling service agreements and after-the-sale support Quoting the right technology for your customer’s needs/location Explaining why an LED display is the most effective ad media available If these ...


Increase Sales with This Resource

Nothing adds credibility to a product like a happy end user’s testimony. Share this new success story and get prospective customers excited about a digital display. The locations manager of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics in Minnesota comments on their new LED sign: "Without question, it brings in new patients every month. With our other two locations, we've ...


Reserve Your Place Today

Twenty-four sign company professionals have registered already to attend our annual Sales Expo on September 12-13, 2013. View our attendee map to see where they’re coming from.Register today  and see a pin added to your location! The Sales Expo is a one-of-a-kind networking and learning experience that will increase your bottom line. 2012 attendees sold 20% ...