Choose the Best Background 4

Welcome! This is another entry in our series on Choosing the Best Backgrounds using Venus® 1500 v4. Today we will show you how to use gradients.


Using gradients is a great way to add color to your background and really make it stand out. First, go to the Format Tab and choose a Background Color.

Format tab

Format tab

Next, choose a Gradient Fill and an additional color.

Gradient Fill

Gradient Fill

Now, look at your results!

See the results

Center option

You can also select a different format for the gradient by choosing your preferred pattern. Our example is the center option.

You can also select Format Background to add Stops to choose from additional colors and orientations. Stops give you the ability to add more colors to your gradient. Choose the color for each stop from the dropdown. Drag the stop to increase or decrease the area the color will use.

Format background

Format background

Add Stops

Add Stops

This will really add some color to your background and help to make it pop!

Make it pop!

Make it pop!

TIP:  You can even use gradients inside of text boxes!

We hope you enjoy building messages using gradient backgrounds. Please be sure and check back next week for our final entry in our series on choosing backgrounds.

Visit these other background posts if you missed them: Choose the Best Background 1 (solid color), Choose the Best Background 2 (color combinations), and Choose the Best Background 3 (custom colors).

Thanks again for your interest!

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