What Does the Future Hold?

One class in high school can change a student’s whole perspective on his or her future. With any class, teachers prepare their students for the future whether students decide to pursue a college education or not. What better way to prepare those students interested in certain aspects of your school’s video display than to create a class specifically to build on those skills?

If you remember, we wrote a post on classes you could use to integrate your video display, so we won’t go in-depth with that today. Instead, let’s look into the ways your students can take the class experience with them beyond high school.



College may be daunting to some students while exciting for others depending on if students know what they want to pursue. The future a student thought he or she initially wanted can easily change all because of the opportunities a high school teacher gives them. That video production or sports marketing class you teach intrigues them and is now something they want to pursue after high school.


Many local park and rec departments, colleges and sporting facilities seek scorekeepers for games taking place within the community. Not only is this more experience for your students but it’s also a paid job. Be sure to let your students interested in this route know they can check with the college they plan on attending for openings or check in with their local park and rec department for more information.


Encourage them. Challenge them. Support them.

Don’t let college be a scary idea to your students. If a task is too easy, spice it up a bit by providing a new, more challenging task to put in their portfolio. And always let them know that you’re there to answer any questions they have regarding your class and beyond.

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